Friday, June 17, 2011

Wink Pottery and Gifts

Wink Pottery has a lot of summer camps for all ages and for boys and girls. I have not tried these out yet but they look like a lot of fun. Contact to reserve a spot:

ph: 843-662-0822

Summer Art Camps

Two’s and Three’s June 20-24 or August 1-5
This is a new Art Camp for us!! We will read a book, do a handprint project, and the campers will do a project on their own every morning. We will also sing songs and play to get out the wiggles!! Our first day will be a Rainbow Fish Tile
and Beach Magnets. Day two will be a Ladybug plate and Ladybug Bank/Box. On the third day campers will make Monkey Coasters and a Monkey figurine. Day four will be
a Zoo Mug and Zoo Animals. The last day we will make a Popcorn Bowl and Tree and Star Ornaments.

Garden Girls ages 6-12 June 27-July 1
On the first day, we will use clay to make a garden stake and flower beads. These will be painted later in the week. Day two campers will paint a flower mug and butterfly plate. Next we will paint a flower pot and use a sponge technique. We will also paint a snail and use exploding paint on its shell! The last day we plant a flower in our flower pot and put our beads together to make our very own garden necklace!

Sports and Games ages 6-12 July 11-15
On the first day, we will make a tic tac toe board out of clay. We will also model ourselves playing our favorite sport! Day two campers will paint a sports ball bank and a soccer ball box. Next we will paint a mug with our favorite team logo (using an awesome and easy way to get it on the mug!) and a tile with a sporty add on. The last day we will test out our sporting skills and make our own variety of sport balls!

Princess Camp ages 4-10 July 18-22
Our first day of camp, we will cut our name out of clay to paint later in the week. We will also cut out a princess crown to paint later in the week. Day two we will paint a tiara bank and a princess figurine, ALWAYS favorite projects! Next we will paint a castle box like our favorite fairy tale and paint some beads for our necklace. The last day we will put together our necklace and make a yarn picture of ourselves as a princess!! After all, what little girl isn’t a princess??

Pirates and Buccaneers ages 4-10 July 18-22
This week of camp, we will start by making a treasure chest and gold coins out of clay. These will be painted later in the week using different techniques. A treasure map will be painted (and have a treasure hunt!). You can make yours a chalkboard if you want! We will also paint a pirate and a pirate ship! The last day, we will make pirate hats.

Techniques ages 10 and up July 25-29
This camp is for those that really want to better their painting skill or learn something new! Each day we will talk about how to achieve the desired effect, and then put it into practice. Projects will include a punch out travel mug, stained glass trivet, flowered vase, dragonfly platter, monogram coasters, metallic bowl, and picture plate. These projects can also be done individually as a small class for girl or boy scouts, a Sunday school class, or ladies group.

All deposits for 2011 Art Camps are non-refundable.

Each week consists of Monday thru Friday from 9:30 to noon. Two snacks per day are included.
Camps are $125 per week. Deposit is $65 and balance of $60 is due on first day of art camp.


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