Friday, February 3, 2012

Barnes and Noble Storytime

When I Get Bigger by Mercer Mayer -  Join Little Critter in our store! Don't forget your camera.  In this funny, all-too-human picture book, Mercer Mayer's famous Little Critter dreams of the day when he will be big enough to go to first grade, dial phone numbers by himself, camp out in the backyard, or walk to the corner store. By the end of his energetic daydreaming, Little Critter is so tired he has to go to bed. As he himself admits, "I'm not bigger yet." It's a fine and familiar catalogue of what young children yearn for.
A child imagines all the things to be done when one is bigger.

Ages:  5 to 8 (book recommendation)
Date: February 4
Time:  2:00 pm 
Where:  Barnes and Noble, Magnolia Mall
Cost: Free
ContactBarnes and Noble,  (843) 665-2412



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